App won’t open - help!

App won’t open quits before it launches - anyone having the same problem?
Details to reproduce:
Didn’t open before and after updating the app. Deleted, reinstalled & updated iOS - same problem
Latest - updated today still won’t open
iPhone 8 Plus
App Version:

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your outlook, I’m not experiencing this on Android.

But there’s a growing number of reports about the failure of the app before it actually launches on iOS

There is certainly a problem, and version 4.50.0 of the Monzo app for iOS dropped today - have you tried that?


Yeah believe that’s what I’m in now. It did it before the update. No joy contacting Monzo about it either - feel like I’m missing a limb :hot_face:

Problem here on iOS as well

Hi guys,

There are many threads for this issue already. Would be best to use one of those so it’s easier to track.

Here’s mine:

And here’s more users reporting the issue for u @Carlo1460 :wink:

The interim fix is to delete the app, restart your device, then reinstall the app. It’s not 100% reliable though, and may take a few attempts.

The most recent update from Monzo on this bug are here from a few months ago: