App scam linked with Evri

Hey all, I’m sorry to report I’ve been the unlucky victim of the push app scam, all originating with an Evri scam I clocked onto and thought I had sorted, that then triggered the call I believed to be from the fraud team.
It’s a horrible sick feeling when I think about what happened and how I would not normally answer my phone, I wouldn’t normally click on links etc. But giving yourself a hard time is not helpful. Alas I’m left in limbo a week on unsure if I’ll be reimbursed by Monzo, but remain hopeful. I’ve done all I can do at this stage so hopefully hear from monzo soon. (I see 5-6 weeks as an average which seems a long time but might be accurate, and I understand there is no logic in chasing)

Does anyone have any similar experiences with this and how long did it take to resolve along with, did you get reimbursed?

Indeed. No one is infallible to this.

Everyone’s experience is different, so even if people do answer, your milage may vary. All you can do is let Monzo do their thing.

This might be useful for the future :point_down: