App only shows Enter your PIN screen

Went to open my app and sign in using my fingerprint as usual, only this time it wants my PIN. Doesn’t say if it wants my phone PIN or my card PIN. So I enter what I think it wants, but must have entered it incorrectly.

It locks me out. So I use the “forgot my PIN” option in the top right. I send a video saying the words on the screen to customer support. I close the app. And around 10 minutes later i get a notification saying tap here to see your new PIN.

I tap on that notification, it opens the app but it just shows me the Enter your PIN screen. Doesn’t show me my new PIN.

Tried doing it again, sending a new video, click on the notification. But the same thing happens.

Thank you for your time and help.

Android 10
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
Monzo App version 5.40.0

Can’t screenshot the app

When you’re opening the app this is your phone pin.

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That’s awkward because I switched to a word for my phone’s PIN, using the keyboard, instead of a number. And it only shows a numpad.

Thanks for your reply

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Doesn’t seem like Monzo support alphanumerical passwords on Android