App not working

(Nigel Adshead) #1


I tried to obtain a card about a week ago

The app says 0 people in front and 0 people behind, this is obviously wrong

I click on bump me up but when I touch the share invites nothing happens

Off to south east Asia beginning of March so need to sort out everything asap

Look forward to receiving your comments

(Thomas Welton) #2

Are you on iOS or Android?
If you’re on iOS I think I have a golden ticket you can use so long as you’re able to top up the card with £100
(if you don’t activate the golden ticket invite I won’t get another one to use)

(Nigel Adshead) #3

Hi Thomas

That’s really kind

I’m on IOS and would really like a golden ticket as I’m try to organise everything in advance of my trip



(Thomas Welton) #4

Sent in a private message

(tom) #5

If this isn’t sorted, can you let me know?

Or email

(Nigel Adshead) #6

Clicked on the golden ticket and then went onto the App which is completely locked up, Reinstalled the app from iCloud and the app is still not working and the the Golden Ticket states it has already been used. I’ve also emailed your help