App "Beta Expired"

(Jon Fautley) #1

Just tried to top up my Mondo card, and instead of the lovely management app, I got a ‘This beta has expired’ message.

I installed the version from the App Store, and was able to top-up and pay for my purchase (phew!) but just wondering if we should be getting updates via the App Store rather than Test Flight now?

It also looks like there’s now a minimum topup of £50.00 per load?

(James Billingham) #2

Re £50 minimum, see:

(clark) #3

Getting the same message here. Also the app in TestFlight is marked as unavailable.
Have been using Mondo since 20th Jan.

(clark) #4

Installed the app from the AppStore and everything works, did I miss something? :slight_smile:

(James East) #6

I’m getting this too - has there been a switch flipped somewhere in the last few hours?

(James Nicholson) #7

Sorry about that chaps – TestFlight expires builds after 60 days, and if you hadn’t updated since version 1.1.1, your TestFlight build will have expired today.

Never fear though, the latest app (1.1.4) is available now on the App Store :+1:

(Barry McKelvey) #8


If just noticed today that the app was unavailable in Test Flight. I’ve always updated the app. The current unavailable app expires in 50 days, no idea what’s happened.

I have now installed it front the App Store.


(Jon Fautley) #9

That’s what confused me - I had updated and was running 1.1.4 :slightly_smiling:

It looks like the app has been pulled from Test Flight and that’s “expired” everyone’s install?

As long as we continue to get the new features via the app store version, I’m happy :smiley:

(James Nicholson) #10

1.1.4 failing sounds more serious, possibly related to our distribution certificates approaching expiry. I’ll submit a new build to TestFlight just in case. Thanks so much for the reports all, much appreciated!

(Jon Fautley) #11

Incidentally, the install from the App Store overwrote the TestFlight version, and all my data was still there. A seamless upgrade!

(James East) #12

Yep, had 1.1.4 installed already and now showing as “Unavailable” in TestFlight.

Are we expected to use the App Store version now, or stick with TestFlight?

(James Nicholson) #13

TestFlight for “bleeding edge” newness (including such exciting bugs as this one!); App Store for reassuring stability :slightly_smiling: You can switch back and forth any time, and you’ll stay logged in.

(Terry) #14

I had the same issue. I didn’t realise you had published the app in the App Store. So am i correct in thinking that we will be receiving updates via both the TestFlight app (For new things that need testing and will probably have some small bugs) and app store updates for a more stable version of the app but without all the newness?

(tecnik) #15

I had this problem today - now have the AppStore version (didn’t know there was one), but the testflight version is unavailable. As long as it’s available I’m happy, although I’d prefer to be using bleeding edge :slightly_smiling:

(James Nicholson) #16

A new build with an updated certificate has just been released to TestFlight :slightly_smiling: Thanks again all for your patience.

For anyone playing along at home, you might notice that we just celebrated our first birthday. This coincides with one year since we got our Apple Developer account, and thus today our certificate expired.

Normally this isn’t a problem since, once signed and released, App Store builds continue to work indefinitely. However, TestFlight external betas, despite being identically signed, are still subject to certificate expiry (entirely my fault for not clocking this!)

Resubmitting the same build to TestFlight (re-signed with our new certificate) fixed the problem, but meant a bit of lag whilst in Apple’s external beta review cycle.

Thanks everyone!