App is not opening on iOs after update

Issue: after latest update, starting this morning, I cannot open Monzo app. The logo pops up for a brief moment and then straightaway disappears back to home screen

Details to reproduce: just try to open app and it doesn’t open
OS: ios
Device: iphone 8 plus
App Version: 4.37.0 apparently


Have you tried deleting the app & reinstalling? What version of iOS are you using?

Reinstalling actually helped. I tried rebooting the phone first which didn’t solve the issue. But then reinstalled and managed to log in. Still not the happiest UX. iOs version is 15.5

Probably an issue with the phone, or app, or combo, or whatever that’s caused something to get a bit weirded up.

At least it’s sorted! :+1:

Having the same issue here, forced (hard restart) does nothing.
Reinstall fixed as above.

iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 15.5
Latest app version

Edit: it’s 1AM the following day, the app isn’t opening again

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