App has not updated for 2 days


My app has not updated transactions from the past 2 days, at the top of the page it states ‘updated 2 days ago’ there has been many transactions since the last update but these are not showing and my balance remains the same.

Any ideas why?


Delete and reinstall the app and see if that fixes it

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First thing I did but still not updating :-/

You’ll need to start a chat in the app, I’m afraid. That or give them a ring. :pensive:

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Might be a silly question, but is the phone getting a data signal?

Other than that, as @Peter_G got in before me with, it’s going to be a question that only the in-app chat will be able to help you resolve.


I had this the other day it was 17 hours then i had enough and deleted app.

it happen loads

It’s finally working I had to delete the app and reinstall it twice then switched phone on and off and bravo!


Silent Mode may be a cause… see here;

Same happened to me…that’s not good enough, especially that I used my card quite a few times in last two days, I need to know what is my balance.

Reinstalling app again and again? no thanks, that’s is not a proper solution…

very disappointed with Monzo…it’s not cool anymore…

Restarting the phone was more likely to have had an impact.

Or just turning WiFi off and on again to re-establish the connection.

My balance is not updating, I’ve already had issues having to delete and reinstall the app and then it not letting me sign in so I’m not doing that again. Thus issue has been going on, off and on for a week now.

Have you tried connecting online without VPN?

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It’s always worked fine with the vpn up to now, the only way I can get my balance to update is to restart my phone now.

The Monzo app may have used to work via VPN, but there is now a connection issue, so does it work without connecting via VPN?

My first test would be to disable WiFi, to see if the Monzo app connected to the servers via mobile data (without a VPN connection) and work from there.

As above. Using the process of elimination we need to narrow down the cause of the issue. Disable your VPN and if your balance updates we can the focus further on why Monzo doesn’t like your VPN.

Otherwise we will move onto the next possibility. :slight_smile:

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