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I seem to be having problems with Monzo this morning.

I sent a link to someone for £40. I got confirmation from them that it was paid, but nothing from Monzo, nor has the balance been updated.

Monzo has been really slow to update today. And that’s on a 70Mb connection…

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have you asked monzo if there is a problem with the monzo .me - in app chat or an email to them ?


Yes, I’ve asked via in-app chat, but no response yet…

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you can also get to Monzo customer support via

in app chat showing a typical 30 minute reply time at the moment


While there does not seem to be a category on the Status Page it is currently listing Send Money and Monzo App as degraded performance.

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  • worth signing up to the SMS service “subscribe to updates” at the top right hand side on the link- free service straight to your phone about service problems


Thanks for the replies - I had a good chat and got it sorted out in the end. It looked like an issue on the sender’s side - Not with Monzo! :wink:

Yes, I’m already signed up with Monzo status updates… :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, were they trying to send you money from their credit card, by any chance?

It’d be useful to know actually so that other users know how to spot this scenario.


No idea - I think it was something to do with their non-realisation of Monzo’s real time nature and my due diligence - If you catch my drift. :wink:

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