App design

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On a specific app interface element, I find that having to swipe through so many ‘cards’ to see what’s what is a bit frustrating.

The scenario being there is a personal account + 2 pots then joint + 3 pots then connected accounts.

So to get from main personal to connected that’s 7 swipes.

As a preference I would prefer a ‘top level’ of main cards then tap into those to reveal associated pots etc

Just press home repeatedly. You will navigate from your personal account to your joint account, bypassing pots.


Ah thanks, didn’t know about that. Though it feels quite clumsy and not as polished as it could be, more like a shortcut than a full ux implementation

Well, TIL

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You can drag down on the card too. At least on iOS.

You can on Android too. But the drag-down transition from single-card to vertical-list-of-cards is shockingly jerky. It wasn’t like this in the first few iterations of ‘new nav’, where the drag was smooth compared to the transition change - they had a really smooth transition based on where your finger dragged to - but hey ho, there are bigger issues to get through.