Android - Account screen mockup

Hi all!

I posted this on Slack last night, but thought I’d post here too.

I feel that the account screen within the Android app is getting very busy, particularly with multiple pots.
I’ve took some inspiration from the iOS version of the app, as well as Google Pay and have came up with the following;


Some notes;

  • Tapping the profile picture will bring up a menu to switch between personal and joint, with another option for App Settings. This should be used throughout the app and if the Pulse is changed to be a white background, this should still fit nicely, with an easy option to switch, right form the feed.
  • Swiping between the hot coral cards will also switch the account and corresponding pots (for when joint pots become a thing)
  • I’ve simplified the number of options and with the “Manage my card” screen now added in the latest beta, this feels like a better place for the PIN, replace card etc.
  • I’ve made pots prettier with another simplification of the number of options presented. The ‘Move money’ screen will act as the normal tabbed Add / Withdraw interface that we can already see.

Last thing; I’m a web developer and not a designer, so this may be a little rough around the edges! :wink:

Happy to hear your feedback!



I like the android screen over iOS🙊


I do like that’s it’s closer to the new Google Material Design but I still hate how pots are now just a horizontal scroll. I’d much prefer a grid. I’d prefer more of an immediate overview.

I like that you’ve removed some of the vertical listing and the overabundance of ‘cards’.


Looks fresh :1st_place_medal:

I like!


I like the idea of Swiping on Card to move from Personal to Joint accounts.


The one issue I have with the current Android account tab is that the pots take up a lot of space, especially if you have a few. This does look like it would be a better solution!


Thanks all, really appreciate the feedback!

Good idea. I think for less than or equal to 3 pots, the scrolling cards may be fine, but certainly, for anything more, it could be orientated nicely, on a 2 columns per row grid. Tapping the pot could then give the options like “Manage” or “Move”. With one card being an add pot or service (marketplace)

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I like it.

Needs to match the new Material Design to remain current. The app is starting to show it’s age already compared with the new Google apps based on Material 2

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Also see a couple of mockups I did

Similar idea


The timeline style is pretty cool, although would prefer to keep the accounts separate. Nice!

If Monzo’s going to be the centre of our financial universe, then I think an aggregated feed is a must…

And I’d much rather not have the need to swipe left/right to see accounts/pots on the Accounts tab - I think that a nice list would work well. Here’s one I prepared earlier! :wink: