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Not sure if this has been discussed before, but based on screenshots I’ve noticed that the IOS account screen is different, in that pots seem to run horizontally, and you swipe between them. On Android they are vertical. Any reason for this? Seems to me that with more posts, the IOS look seems tidier. Is there an OS restriction on this, or simply based on the discression of the individual design teams?

Yeah it’s a mess. The pots screen is getting a much-needed overhaul at some point in the near future. There’s some sneak peek screenshots knocking about on this forum somewhere.

Edit: oh wait you want them to be horizontally scrolling?

I have no experience of using it that way, but it seems to make a bit more sense, to me.

Seeing as we can’t currently re-order the pots, and the pots are just lined up in the order they were created – if you’ve got a few pots it’s a ball ache to flick through all those ‘cards’ just to see how much is in your most recently created pot.


Most iOS users I’ve seen on the forums wish they had the Android layout!


Interesting! My main thought was why they had ended up different. I guess maybe to see which was preferred…?

Came to say the same thing.

On Android you can scroll through multiple pots with just a flick but on IOS I believe each pot animates into position so can only be done one at a time?

As @hdwrng mentioned, they’re being overhauled anyway and here is the sneak peek:


That looks much better! Thanks for sharing.

No worries :slight_smile:

Just to add further excitement, check this out that was discovered earlier today :wink:


Yes scrolling horizontally is not fun when you have lots of pots :weary:

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