App crashes on Identity Verification step

(Ramon Blanquer) #1

Hello, is it possible to choose another method to upload the picture of the Passport and selfie video?

I am on a Meizu M2 Note on Fyme (Flyme runs on Android) and after the wait time is over, and asked me to provide personal information and now I am on the identity verification step.

  1. Start Monzo
  2. On the Identity verification screen I press Next 3 times.
  3. On the Photo ID option I press take picture, I select “I have my passport with me”, I answer NO to “Is your passport from the United Kingdom”, select Spain, and brings me back to the Identity verification screen.

If I select that I don’t have passport and use the National ID, it crashes. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it brings me back to the Identity verification screen.

Is there any other way I can provide this identity information in order to continue with the registration?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Hi @eulersson - the best thing to do here is email this to and we can look into this for you :+1:

(Simon B) #3

As Beth mentioned, please reach out via email or in-app chat and we should be able to fix this! :grinning:

(Ramon Blanquer) #4

Thank you! In the end re-installing the application fixed the issue. :sunny: