App crashes iOS version 1.9.18

(Laura) #1

Hi guys!

I’ve upgraded my app to the latest version: 1.9.18, but it keeps crashing upon opening it. I’m running on iOS 9.2.1 - the app details show that it should be compatible with iOS 9+ so that shouldn’t be the problem.

I’ve deleted and re-installed the app and have done a hard restart on my phone.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

(Simon B) #2

Hi Laura - The quickest solution would be to upgrade to iOS 10 or 11 - from what I’ve seen, the rare similar instances of this bug are only affecting iOS 9, so whilst our iOS team are aware and it will get fixed in a release soon, if you were to update your phone this should solve it right away :grinning:

(Brandon Billingham) #3

Fingers crossed it’s not an iPhone 4S! iOS 9 is as high as it goes

(Laura) #4

Hi guys! Thanks for your help. I have an iPhone 6, would want to upgrade to iOS 10, but Apple isn’t signing it anymore. Reluctant to upgrade to iOS11, as it’ll slow my phone down significantly. Do you have any idea about how long before you role out a new release that’ll fix the problem on iOS9? I’ve been trying for the last couple of days, but still no luck - I can’t use (e.g. top up) my monzo card at the moment :frowning: THANKS!

(Brandon Billingham) #5

iOS 11.1.2 doesn’t seem any worse than iOS 10 to me personally. I’d also want to move off iOS 9 for security reasons

(MikeF) #6

Actually, I don’t find any issues with the iPhone 6 under iOS 11 at all.

(MikeF) closed #7

With the current iOS release at version 1.9.21, the crashworthy status of this older build is a moot point.