Why is iOS 9 listed as minimum system requirements on App Store?

Issue: iOS 9 is listed as the minimum compatible system for the Monzo app on the App Store.

Details to reproduce: -
Device: -
App Version: Version 2.10.0

Screenshots: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

What should it be?

Oh yeah! :stuck_out_tongue: It should be iOS 10 as I discovered last night. I was trying to get my mum an account before she goes abroad next week. Turns out her phone’s too old :frowning:

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The current app still supports iOS 9 for existing users but we don’t guarantee any fixes and it could be changed at any time.

iOS 10 and above is required to sign up for a new account.


Does your mum have an iPhone 4 or older?

You need to buy her a new phone! :joy:


Hey. No need to be pejorative :joy:

I’ve got an iPhone 3 I still use (only as an iPod, these days). It’s like the Morris Minor of smartphones; it just keeps going…

Yeah, she’s got my old 4S and has an “if it ain’t broke” mindset but you’re right, I totally do!


Ah, gotcha. Is it possible to put that on there? Would have saved me a few hours last night :slight_smile: