App crash on launch iOS

Issue: Since a few updates ago - App crashes immediately on startup. However, i still receive app alerts. Unusable.

Details to reproduce: - just start app - clearing down memory / restarting phone has no effect.
OS: ios 10.3.3
Device: iphone 5C
**App Version:**latest


It might be due to how old your phone is. The posts about leaving iOS9 behind were years ago!

There was definitely a post about older phones, but I can’t find it right now

For iOS : We support iOS 10 and above for the Current Account. You can use iOS 9 on prepaid for the moment, but we’ll be shuttering the prepaid programme within the next few months.

That was from Jan 2018


Found the post I was thinking of, you’re a few years ahead of this guy!

But from the App Store

iOS 9.0 should be supported (just).

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I contacted them about this a while ago, they said they were going to fix it asap. Obviously didnt

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Apple won’t let you change the requirements for an app after it has been published.

We had this when we moved from opengl2 to opengl3.1 core, we had to put in a dialog that said ‘this app won’t work’ when launched on an older device.