App constantly logging me out today!

App keeps logging me out
Three times in 5 minutes of being in app between 10:55 - 11:05
iOS 13.1.3
iPhone 8
Version 3.3.0 #569

I am having this issue as well.

Logged in three times now :-1:

Are you on 3? Is it maybe their data issues (not sure if still ongoing).

I’m with Giff Gaff (O2 network)

Tried turning phone off/back on?

After that I’m out of ideas - might just be a temp glitch somewhere? Wait an hour?

Cheers, it seems to have settled down now :crossed_fingers:

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Hi all, sorry about this!

There was a brief platform outage that kicked out some folks who were logged in. Things are back to normal now though, and you should be able to log in again just fine.

Let us know if you have any more trouble though!

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