API feed item GIFs

When creating a feed item via the api, using a GIF as the image url the app doesn’t render the animate gif. It only shows as a still image.

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I’m no dev, but I suppose it’s because the Monzo app doesn’t support gifs so it just displays the static image

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Looks like a bug to me (or just outdated docs). The API docs says:

The basic type displays an image , with title text and optional body text.
Note the image supports animated gifs!

I’ve tried creating a feed item with the gif they host on the docs and it doesn’t work. I’m currently on the new nav so not sure if it’s just a bug there.

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Is this on Android or iOS? As far as I’m aware, the Android app doesn’t support animated GIFs.

Edit: maybe I spoke too soon re: Android app doesn’t support it. I can try it out on Monday if I remember!