Add to feed still supported?

(Patrick) #1

I’m messing about with the API and when trying to add a feed item I get a “forbidden.insufficient_permissions” – “Access forbidden due to insufficient permissions”. Other things work but not this.

Is adding a feed item still supported or am I doing something wrong?

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(Akash Goswami) #2

This is still supported @bhonobo! You can test this via the Playground and I can confirm that I was able to add feed items to my own account recently.

(Patrick) #3

Thanks @akash,

It works OK when I do through the Monzo Playground which means that I must be doing something wrong when trying it elsewhere. Probably something simple and obvious, no idea, I’ll continue to investigate.

It was just the insufficient_permissions error that was throwing me off, strange one :man_shrugging: