Feed item gets stuck on "loading"

(Will White) #1

When I create a feed item with the API, sometimes, in the Monzo app, instead of the feed item appearing, the app gets stuck on the “loading feed item” screen (faded-to-white screen with the blue dot rotating around the circle in the centre). Something is getting through to the app, because the screen comes up every time I try to create a new feed item. I just don’t know why it gets stuck. It’s happening in Wetherspoons now, using their wifi. Perhaps not the typical dev environment, but a dev environment nonetheless.

(James Billingham) #2

I would suspect that a bug may have come up around feed items finally, as they are not really supported at all. Mondo don’t use them internally, so they were bound to break at some point.

I’d suggest it’s fairly unlikely that this will be resolved. The API will be replaced completely when the current account launches, which isn’t too far in the future now, so all the focus is on that.