Android App Feed Items

It might be my expectation is wrong but I’d like to clarify. I’m building a web front end so I can look at my account in a browser. I’ve implemented the Feed Item api call but I’m not getting what I expected. I get a notification:

but nothing appears in the Monzo application itself. Is this intended behaviour and I’ve just misunderstood it, or is it not yet implemented in the android app? I was expecting a system notification and an entry in the app in the purchases listing.

Based on this thread I’m guessing that feed items should appear among the transactions list but you will be able to delete them.

The last time I created one I didn’t show at all and support told me it wasn’t on android yet. I’m glad I saw this thread, there are some things I want notifications for, at the moment I’m going via the IFTTT app, but integrated into the Monzo app is a much nicer way of doing things.

I’ll tag on the following questions, hopefully someone from Monzo will be able to answer them and confirm the answer I have given you:
Once a feed item is “dismissed” will it still be stored, and presumably accessible again via the API?
Is the ability to dismiss feed items via the API something we might see in the future?

I’m afraid custom feed items are currently only supported by the iPhone app. That’s the reason you don’t see them :frowning: