Feed Item - Link to Transaction

Within the app when I click a feed item relating to a transaction I get taken to that transaction.
Given I have a transaction ID how do I construct the url I send to Mono when creating the feed item to get the same behaviour?

Sorry I may have been a bit vague, I’m sending the following data

  account_id: ACCOUNT_ID,
  type: :basic,
  params: {
    title: 'Heroku transaction receipised',
    image_url: 'https://mondo-logo-cache.appspot.com/twitter/@heroku/?size=large'

What value do I put in place of WHAT-GOES-HERE to cause the app to open the transaction.
Looking at https://community.monzo.com/t/monzo-for-android-teardowns-deep-dives/58518/230 it appears it would be of the form “monzo://SOMETHING-GOES-HERE”.