Anyone used the Commuters flask by Swell?

Tempted to get it for around £24 of their site. I have a normal Swell bottle - anyone have feedback on the mug?


Seems like a lot of money for a fairly generic product? What am I missing?

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I just googled them to see what I was missing too! :rofl:

They’re pretty, but I’d just get one from Aldi or Go Outdoors for a fraction of the price.

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I have a really good experience with them, they keep my drinks really hot for hours. Do you have any cheaper suggestions?

Here is the link for those people who have no clue what a Commuters flask might be (like me, I was forced to google it):


Might just buy the £10 commuters cap to put on my existing bottle :confused:


I bought this (brand is Avex) from eBay a few years ago. I don’t think it was available in the UK.

Cost me something like £10-£15, never leaks and keeps my coffee warm for about 3 hours, though I’ve usually finished it off way before then.

How long is your commute if you need it to keep warm for 6 hours?

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Just throughout the day. I don’t drink stuff that quick so it’s good for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Decided not to get it as I don’t have the money to waste. I ordered a cap off to use with by current one

Swell bottles are pretty, though there are very generic ones which are the exact same model and manufacturing. I worked on a campaign for a cold water drink designed for water bottles last year so for our photography we ordered dozens of bottles to feature, and quickly realised Swell were just charging a huge markup on their bottles because of the design. To be fair, every time I see them I’m tempted - I saw the Commuter one in John Lewis yesterday and despite having a drawer full of water bottles was tempted :woman_facepalming:

I have a generic one like the Swell range for the gym, and a Jerry Bottle one at the office. The jerry on his my favourite size and shape, though their twisty metal caps are a bit annoying. I drink sparking water from a kitchen fountain at my desk all day so just leave the top off mostly.

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I got my swell bottle in an Evernote giveaway and was really happy. It’s just hard to fill with coffee so that’s why the commuter was tempting. But then common sense took hold of me and I realised I didn’t have the funds :joy:

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I’ve had my Zojirushi for about four years now and it’s bene fantastic. I’d say it almost retains heat too well as liquids are still scorching hot even hours later.