After a fancy reusable water bottle?

ASDA are selling off their stock of VOSS water.

Now admittedly it’s probably filled with Norwegian tap water, but for £1.80 it’s reusable, glass, looks quite smart and at 800ml capacity should be enough for most people without being too hefty.

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Is it glass? If so, that’s a steal.

Edit - I know it says it in the title… Just wondering if it’s actually glass or a typo :joy:

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It’s glass! I have one, they’re pretty incredible (especially for the price!)

That’s good… Shame it’s been taken off the store it would seem!

I got mine from a local Spar if that helps? :laughing:

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I think getting an insulated bottle like something from Klean Kanteen is the best purchase you can make. It’s rather expensive, but you’ll never go back after having ice cold water or hot coffee all day long.

How fragile are these?

Also what’s the normal price?

I got one in Waitrose in Kings Cross station. Similar price to this offer. The bottle itself is very good quality, very sturdy. Thick glass and a nice weight to it. The top is plastic but should survive quite a while with normal usage.

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