Monarch's failure chargeback process with Monzo

Hi everyone,
As most of you already know Monarch ceased trading around 2 months ago and customers with booked flights had to start a chargeback process through their bank’s card (in my case Monzo prepaid card)

Unfortunately I got impacted and I submitted evidence to start the chargeback process with Monzo just one week after the failure announcement (6th October). The overall process is meant to take 8 weeks, but, 2 months later I still have no answer from Monzo

After contacting Monzo, they have just told me they took over 14 working days from receiving my evidence to raise the chargeback. Thus, according to Monzo customer support team I am on day 29/45 but I could have been in day 43/45 if they had raised the chargeback when they received the information. Also, Monzo customer support is proving not to be very responsive, with waiting time of over 6 hours per message in their chat

I don’t know how everything is going to end up, but a friend of mine who used a Natwest visa card, got his money back in 2 weeks. Thus, for some reason, Monzo is taking longer to process and get approved chargebacks, which is definitely something to bear in mind when purchasing something in the future

I am clearly disappointed about how my case is being handled by Monzo and the lack of information and responsiveness, which is why I would like to know if anyone esle has also been impacted by Monarch’s failure and their experience? Did they get their money back? Was Monzo more responsive/fast in their case?

Any extra information will be useful
Thanks for sharing your experiences,

I’m really sorry this happened to you but personally my experience with chargebacks with Monzo has always been positive.

No experience on this specific issue with Monzo - but we paid with Barclaycard for our Monarch flights - it took until yesterday to get the money back.

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Chargebacks are actually submitted to Mastercard for processing - Monzo fills in the paperwork and sends it off and after that they have to wait for a response.

I’m sorry that the experience hasn’t been that great, I suggest if you are unhappy you ask COps to lodge a complaint where you’ll be guaranteed that someone will look into the issue and provide you with an appropriate outcome.

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Have you received your chargeback yet?

I did mine within an hour of Monarch going under and I’m still waiting, yet my Australian card (which I paid for some other flights with) gave me a refund within 2 weeks.

What concerns me is it is now over a year since the initial charge (I paid in January for a flight in November)


Hi @evan,

I’m really sorry about the delay here :frowning:

I have escalated this internally, so hopefully someone will get in touch today with an update :+1:

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Hi Evan and all,
I finally got my money back on day c.50 since the chargeback was raised (and day c.80 since I submitted the evidence). But I managed to get my money back because I proactively asked Monzo customer support. Find below some of my key dates:

  • 7th October: I submitted the evidence to Monzo
  • 7th November: Monzo’s card issuer raised the chargeback
  • 22nd December was day 45 (legal time to receive an answer, but Monzo didn’t say anything to me even though I sent a message to them)
  • 27th December I contacted Monzo again (in a new chat and for another purpose, however I took the opportunity to ask about the chargeback. this time it would have been very rude not to answer as we were having a conversation) and suddenly, within 5 minutes I got my money back!

In short, it has been a successful but painful process, as you have to take a very very proactive approach. Some tips:

  1. Try to find which date Monzo’s card issuer raised the chargeback (as it is 45 days since then)
  2. Send messages to Monzo, and if they don’t answer, start a new conversation. Hopefully you find someone at their customer supoort which is willing to help!
  3. I have seen that your problem has been escalated, but if were you, I wouldn’t wait for Monzo to contact me, as in my case they didn’t

I hope this is useful,


I’m not saying this was handled perfectly by Monzo, but I doubt this was done in bad faith. This is probably the first time such an event occurred so the COps didn’t have much experience with dealing with it. Remember, airline failure has special rules & exceptions regarding to chargebacks than normal card purchases and as a result require special treatment. You still got your money back, albeit a bit late, but in the end probably still spent way less of your time they you would have with a legacy bank. :wink:

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How on earth could you possibly know that?

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Dealt with a legacy bank before, with all the bullshit including the best one yet, the fact that the email address they gave me for submitting evidence was full and was bouncing my emails. :joy:

I can understand Monzo COps not being familiar with the process as (I believe) it’s the first airline failure since Monzo has launched (again remember those cases are handled differently than standard chargebacks), but I can’t believe Nationwide who has been operating for decades still can’t figure out how to add extra storage space to their email server. In the latter case it’s clearly an instance of bad faith where they hope you give up as you’re costing them money by pursuing the chargeback, so every reason to make you give up and let it go is good for them.


Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Nationwide has thousands of employees and probably has a rigid storage limit for email inboxes set by the IT department - somebody will have simply forgotten to archive old emails before it got full. Or even those managing the inbox didn’t know there was a limit.


As a customer this does not matter to me; Nationwide has been operating for decades and should be able to sort these things out. I’m willing to let Monzo off once for the above, but there is definitely no excuses for NW.

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I don’t disagree, just saying that it probably wasn’t an act of bad faith to try and shirk dealing with chargeback claims.


Maybe not explicitly “shrink”, but not try to make it better either. The chargeback process with Nationwide (and no doubts any legacy bank) is a bit of a nightmare wasting time on the phone explaining your situation multiple times (if you can’t get it resolved in a single phone call, you have to start again from scratch with a different advisor as they don’t seem to keep any notes on your account). The email situation is laughable as well, as I’m sure this is not the first time it happened but nothing has been done to fix it.

Shirk was the right word, actually :slight_smile:

While I agree with @anon80829874 that they probably weren’t acting in bad faith with the email issue, I think chargebacks and insurance/warranty claims are one of those cases where you can really see the difference between banks.