Anyone had any experience with 'Chargeback' Requests

As mentioned above, I’d just put what you’ve written here in a message back to Monzo.

The post directly above the one you wrote is a successful chargeback so the system appears to work. Each case is obviously going to be unique, so you just need to find out why yours was rejected and I’m sure you can add some clarification if there has been a misunderstanding :slight_smile:

did your money come bank?


How long did it take and was the process through messaging through the app?

All covered in the comments above

They got back to me saying they couldn’t obtain the money back from the received bank. However specialists are still reviewing my case to see if I can be refunded under the internal scheme. You think there is any hope that I will be refunded? I have made a dispute to Action fraud too.

Was it a bank transfer you made or a card transaction?

A bank transfer is separate from the chargeback process.

If they are trying, there’s hope.

Thanks I really hope so. During the outbreak too. It’s been really hard for me providing for my family.

It was a bank transfer. Is there anything I can do next? I’m still waiting for monzo to review after the receiving bank declined to sending the money back.

That isn’t a chargeback and it’ll be up to Monzo themselves whether they decide to refund you out of their funds.

Out of curiosity why did you make the payment?

Just filed my first monzo chargeback after goods got delivered to the wrong address and aliexpress is unwilling to co operate.

Got refused a refund using their dispute system so a chargeback is required.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Best chargeback filing experience i’ve had compared to natwest.

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