Best booze deliveries

How are you all getting your beer/booze during lockdown?

I find I’m drinking more since I’m home all the time and especially since it’s started getting hot. I’m still managing to save money though since I’m saving so much compared to going out.

I’ve used a couple of the delivery services and they’ve been okay but are there any particularly good services (preferably with good offers) that people would recommend? Lockdown seems like a good opportunity to get nice/interesting drinks, rather than whatever you’re stuck with at a crappy pub.

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Flavourly have a bunch of packs on discount at the mo. I’ve not received my order yet, but my brother sang his extremely loud praises at me after he’d had a few.

You can get a fiver off your first order with FIRSTFIVE as a voucher code too.

A bottle or two with supermarket deliveries, when I can book a slot.

I’ve found I’ve been drinking a lot less, because I’m no longer popping in to the supermarket on the way home from work to buy dinner and then buying a little something to go with it. One of several unconscious habits I’ve managed to break thanks to lockdown.

If I were to try a specialist alcohol delivery service, Naked Wines is the one people have always recommended to me.

I’ve been getting mine from the supermarket as usual but I’m always up for trying something new.

If there’s a good, beer, whiskey, vodka, or gin (or basically anything alcoholic :sweat_smile: ) service that delivers some variants you typically wouldn’t find, I’m up for giving it a go :beers:

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Neck Oil from Beavertown. You cannot go wrong

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I don’t drink my only vice is Pepsi Max 🤦 :rofl:

When I did drink I’d just walk down to petrol station for cider and lagers as they are all in a chiller cabinet, no having to wait for ice cold refreshment

Oooooo that does sound nice. I’m sure I’ve seen this in the supermarket before, if so I’ll certainly give it a try next time :+1:

The best deals I’ve found are actually in supermarkets these days. The range is generally pretty good too. I would normally pick up a couple of different beers as part of a weekly shop - Beaver town’s Gamma Ray Is a personal favourite of mine.

There are some pretty good craft beer subscriptions but they’re more suitable for just trying new things and not a cost effective way to buy more than a few drinks a month. I also found that after a while I was just getting variants of the same thing in slightly different packaging.

Ah, yes. Every time I looked at a new one of those, I’d quickly work out the per-can price of the subscription, before staggering in shock and picking something up from the supermarket instead :laughing:

Currently I sub to Beer52, their collections are really nicely varied and varies hugely for global beers, even if its not exactly cheap!

I also sub to my local beer ‘cafe’ Fuggles. They are in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells so if you live in the area I recommend it for some good local beers.

I’m looking a flavourly too, but I’m already spending £70 a month on beer boxes, I’m worried this is getting out of hand :joy::beers:

Neck oil is one of my all time favorites!

I’ve been using a local beer shop in Glasgow called Good Spirits Co. Wine & Beer that’s been doing Friday deliveries for free so I can stock up on tasty beers.

There’s a shop in London called Ghost Whale that do deliveries for free on orders over £70.

Expensive beer and my new Switch have been my main lockdown vices :beer: :video_game:

My favourite brewery still does deliveries. Fourpure
You have to try their Juicebox IPA ( :

Had a few kegs for my Sub from Beerwulf. They take a good week to deliver though. Also got some Brewdog variety cans ordered as they were doing free delivery on Monday.

Usually just go to Tesco around the corner for me for beers when getting bits in or the corner shop who actually have a better selection than Tesco.

Been really enjoying Camden Town Breweries to be fair - fairly quick deliveries with their own trucks or sometimes via a different delivery company. The beers themselves are awesome and their stuff on social media is fairly entertaining to keep an eye on :joy:

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We’ve got a good beer stall on our market and they’re doing deliveries.

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There’s also an app for iOS - Brew2You

I’ve been using Drinkly (on demand delivery from local shops). Great selection from the shop near me, and delivery within the hour. :wine_glass::beer::tropical_drink:

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Innis and Gunn have been keeping me stocked up on beer. Drinkly for my urgent deliveries. And the Beers of Europe website for variety.

Where about are you based Drinkly seem to cover very few areas.