Anybody had any problems shopping online with Morrisons?

I’ve shopped online with Morrison’s using my Amex with no problems, but when I changed my payment details to Monzo they want to see additional ID. I’ve never had this before. Do they think I’m a fraudster? :thinking:

Give them a call and ask.

I’m sure they have a legitimate reason and it will save us all from speculating on a bunch of stuff that it “could be” :slight_smile:

Report back here when you do so we can all learn from it :innocent:

Probably just a random security check due to you using different payment details than usual.

Probably just because you changed it - doesn’t matter that you changed it to Monzo or whoever

Hey, in case it eases your mind at all I’ve never had a problem between Monzo & Morrison’s online, I order from them regularly. Coincidentally, I also switched from an Amex to Monzo when I last changed it too.