Any way to stop auto creating scheduled payments?

I work for BT.

Every time I go into the office and spend money in the cafe Monzo creates a repeating scheduled payment. It’s a nightmare!
I guess they’re seeing BT and assuming it’s a broadband bill and trying to be helpful, but it’s driving me mad. I have to go into each payment and untick the repeating payment option.

Looking at the payment information it’s obvious it’s an office payment and not a direct debit. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Or maybe don’t automatically schedule payments, and instead ask if I’d like to?

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I have the same whenever I spend money with PlayStation. Everytime I buy a game it creates a repeating subscription and I’ve never worked out how to stop it :slightly_frowning_face:


This data is mostly provided by the merchant re recurring payments etc.

The same thing happens if you purchase a charger in the O2 store. Seemingly as it’s linked to the main merchant which does predominantly offer recurring subscriptions, the other payments made to the business also assume it’s the same instance.

BT would need to adjust their canteen data/processing information and manage it separately instead of all in the “same” pot.

If that’s the car it would be nice if we could turn it off ourselves for a merchant. For me, 95% of purchase with PlayStation are not recurring, I’d prefer it be off and I’ll deal with the actual recurring payment manually.

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In fact I’d even accept turning it off for my account completely. Recurring payments are such a small percentage of my transactions I’d happily manage setting new ones up manually.

But it is different? In my screenshot it shows the data as being the Gosforth site, not a general BT payment from head office etc

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That’s only address/location.

You could ask chat for the MCC to see if it aligns with food or telecoms.

But what I’m saying is the card machine is sending transaction details of
“BT Gosforth Newcastle…”
Surely this means it’s a transaction detail that could be opted out of the auto repeating feature?


Your image shows the merchant name as BT. In short. It’s how BT have categorised it and allocated it in their data which is causing to recur.

I’m not sure monzo could fix that because monzo haven’t set it to do that.

The merchant name is at the bottom near pending.
The BT name is the “pretty” name that Monzo have given it.


TL;DR I think the onus is on Monzo here not the merchant.

They could do more though. For example: I go to the local shell for fuel, it’s also the local shop so often I’m buying a loaf of bread.

If I spend £100 on diesel :sob: it (Lumio) correctly recognises it as fuel and categories as such. But if I just go in and spend say £20 on stuff, it automatically chooses groceries.

It also allows you to tell it if it’s recurring or not and, crucially, remembers your choice. So if you tell it it is and it’s a one-off, it doesn’t lump any other transaction under that rule.

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Replace BT with Netflix or anyone else that Monzo think repeats. Interestingly as I was writing this I was going to say “Netflix or Apple or Amazon” and both of the latter don’t repeat (not for me anyway)

I presume the vast majority of people who pay BT do so on a recurring basis, so it’s lumped in there.

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Exactly this is my point :slightly_smiling_face: perhaps the rule of BT is repeating is too vague.

Or, remember my choice when I mark BT as a non-repeating payment.

In the same way that Monzo learn that you always mark RSPCA as pets, it should learn if you never want something to repeat.