Any Lego Enthusiasts Here?

Hi folks,

As a 26-year-old I find myself wanting to relive a childhood hobby of mine.

What is the best way to get back into building Lego again. I still have several boxes of mixed Legos from my childhood which I am going to go through at some point, but I want to start off by building sets since I’m a little less creative.

Can anyone recommend any starter sets? I like the look of the city buildings and would quite like to show them off by keeping them on a large table. Can any recommend any decent tables for building/showing off Lego creations?

Thanks in advance! :leg: :open_mouth:

^ Get it? Leg…O, no? I’ll show myself out…


Lego Duplo :sunglasses:


Can you recommend any sets? :wink:

I have a few Lego sets, space shuttle, R2-D2, Yellow submarine, but mostly have them dotted about at home, rather than all in one place.

I think of them like ornaments once they are built.

Flipside - I have a friend who has many many sets and an entire room for them alongwith various comic book memorabilia!


I just buy random ones for my little one, always me making the stuff though :joy_cat: :man_cartwheeling:

I used to like the Technic stuff, that was well good, too costly now IMO.


Yeah Technic was ‘new’ when I was growing up.

I still have some 1960s Lego pieces somewhere too (inherited from my Uncle I hasten to add).

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I posted on reddit earlier today and someone mentioned about the Saturn V shuttle. Looks like a decent build and mega bucks. I do plan on viewing them more like ornaments like you say.

I quite like the look of the Lego City sets and the Creator Expert sets. I just need to decide on one and go from there.

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Yeah the Apollo rocket is next on my list (Xmas pressie maybe)

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I had the tractor/digger years ago with the pump to move the bucket


I have 11 x 35L storage boxes just containg Lego, it is for my boy (I Promise :-))

We got him the whole Lego City Series, Ultra Agents, Jurrasic Park & Speed Championship, we havent got many in the last 2/3years as with Lego they keep repeating the same items just using different bricks :wink:

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That’s kind of what I aspire to have. A dedicated room for building and storage. I could satisfy my OCD so much! :laughing:

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Actually put a spreadsheet together not to duplicate sets also :wink:


I got my wee cousin some Lego for Christmas and I think I had more fun building it than he did :joy:

I always loved the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego sets. They are so expensive now though.

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Oh god, don’t tempt me… I love a good spreadsheet! :heart_eyes:

I’ve been looking through all sorts of sets today and I am suprised at the prices. A few hundred for a set is crazy to me! :crazy_face:

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I found the spreadsheet it is just a basic list with multiple sheets :wink:
Lego City started at Lego Code 6000 - 60099 :slight_smile:
Others have roughly 8 -13 sets of the others i mentioned
Also forgot the ones I didnt keep a track of cos its my boys own selection is Minecraft :joy:
And my daughter I think had one or two sets of Lego Friends

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Does that mean there are 99 different sets for Lego City?

I need a lot more money than I thought… :open_mouth:

It depends where you decide to stop :wink:

We stopped when the Lego City Police restarted missed a few after that due to the code changes no idea what they are at now

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Yeah it seems a bit all over the place. Looking at the sets here, they don’t show that many. It seems like some sets have been retired and like you say they have just regurgitated some sets.

I need to stop thinking with my OCD and just buy a set or two that I want to build! :laughing:

This one is the new version

This one is the old one I have :wink:

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