Gardening & Raised Beds

Any Gardening and/or Raised Beds experts on here?. I have a dilemma.

@MrMagoo Try contacting this guy, he’s brilliant and can always be heard on the Jeremy Vine show etc.

Terry Walton -
@theterrywalton (

Been turning the same soil on my plot for too many years . Love sharing this passion with my radio listeners. Love writing Garden News Which and broadcasting .

On a hillside in the Rhondda ·

Too famous to talk to me surely?

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Definitely not, proper nice, genuine and down to earth guy who know his stuff, drop him a message and see, all the best

Is he on here?

Don’t think so, either email or twitter

@BotanyGeek on Twitter might help?


What’s your dilemma? There’s a lot of advice on the large allotment groups on FB that might be worth joining and asking, you’ll get a lot of sensible responses or watch YT videos. I have raised beds at my allotment which are much easier to maintain.