Monzo Widgets - Android

(Oliver Outen) #1

Now that monzo is on android it would be great to see widget support! A widget showing monthly spend and daily spend would be great!

This would provide really quick access to monzo info!

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks for the suggestions! I’d love to know which widgets you use at the moment on your Android phone?


Personally I use the BBM, a dual time zone clock, Gismeteo weather, OneDrive and OneNote, and S Planner (Samsung’s planner rather than the Google one)

(Oliver Outen) #4

No worries! I use a widget for gmail (you can scroll through your mail on the home screen), a clock widget and an oyster card widget that just displays your current balance!

A still monzo widget that displays your balance and daily spend or a scrollable monzo widget to scroll down your transactions from the day would be particularly cool!

(Simon B) #5

A widget would be great. IMO, current balance, remaining balance, and the most recent 5 transactions.

I think having that information right in front of you helps promote fiscal responsibility.

Let’s hope our awesome Android team can make it happen :slight_smile:


And maybe a Monzo widget for currencies if travelling?

(Daniel) #7

Really love this idea! :smile: The first thing I thought when downloading Monzo was to search for a widget. I find widgets so helpful, I tend to use widgets for well over 50% of the information I obtain using my Android phone. Widgets FTW! :muscle:

Personally I would love to see the following widget sizing options:

  1. 1x1 a more intricate monzo logo
    2: 1x4 current balance, daily spend & currency converter if roaming.
    3: 2x4 showing same as 2 but with an option to scroll through previous transactions.

I’m sure this will happen soon!

(Justin I'Onn) #8

I’d love a Monzo widget!

Here’s what I think it could do:

Display your current balance. Some kind of traffic light graphic would be good; red, amber, green (the user could set the colour gradings from the widget settings).

Display your last transaction. I dismiss notifications absent-mindedly all the time by swiping them away without reading, especially if I’m in the middle of something else on my phone.

Pressing the Monzo logo would open the Monzo app itself.

Display the last tweet from the Monzo Twitter account. Clicking this would open Twitter on your phone, displaying the full Monzo Twitter timeline.

An icon to toggle NFC on/off, by acting as a shortcut to the NFC menu within the Android settings.

I don’t think that critical functionality like actually paying your last payee again, or freezing the card, should be on your homescreen though. It’s too easy to mistakenly click icons when swiping through screens.

I use widgets a lot, especially when commuting. When you’ve only got one hand free (due to hanging on a train rail, or carrying a bag) having quick access to controls & info is great!

(Simon B) #9

Nice home screen setup.

By the way, which Janet remixes are you after? I’m a huge fan and own her entire discography.

My friend John made an amazing Janet documentary recently, you may be interested in it:

I helped him promote it and as a result of that, Jimmy Jam now follows me on Twitter :headphones::headphones::sunglasses::sunglasses:

(Justin I'Onn) #10

Oh! Haha! It was a reminder to buy the actual Control Remixes album on eBay. I think it’s the Japanese edition that I need.

I go through phases with music. I’ll basically listen to anything.

I had a Janet Jackson binge a couple of months ago. Rhythm Nation 1814 still sounds so fresh, even now. I prefer the songs on Control though, even though that album sounds a bit more of its time.

I love anything by Jam & Lewis. I love all The Time albums too - even if Jam & Lewis aren’t on those albums much. I was a huge Prince fan in the 80s.

My album of the year, this year, is “What Do You Think About The Car” by Declan McKenna. I hammered that album for about three weeks non-stop, a while ago. It’s not very “Minneapolis Sound” though. Haha!

I’ll listen to that documentary when I’m on the train to work in the morning. Thanks! :smiley:

(Simon B) #11

Rhythm Nation is a fantastic album. Jam & Lewis are my favourite producers of all time. There’s an internal EMI 4 disc set of their best productions which is one of my most listened to playlists ever! Ironically though my favourite track on Control wasn’t even produced by them - it’s “The Pleasure Principle” which was done by their bandmate in The Time, Monte Moir. He also did “If You Were Here Tonight” by Alexander O Neal which is probably my favourite song of his.

Speaking of The Time, they did a special edition green vinyl of “What Time Is It?” this year for Record Store Day. I’m in Hollywood at the moment and hoping to pick it up from Amoeba Records :dark_sunglasses:️:dark_sunglasses:️

(Simon B) #12

So I just went to Amoeba and they actually had that Jam and Lewis set, and I picked up the Control remixes on CD as well (already had the vinyl)

(Justin I'Onn) #13

Aaarrrgghhh!!! I’m insanely jealous!!!

The Pleasure Principle is my second favourite song on Control. When I Think Of You is my favourite, but that may be because of nostalgia.

(Olexa Dunko) #14

Hi folks, just circling back to this. Is a widget in the road-map (I can’t see one, but wondering if it has been discussed any further). In the interim, is there some other app I could connect to my Monzo account to show me a widget that could show my balance? Echoing above, having that information bang in front of you each time you unlock your phone makes it really easy to keep budgeting at the forefront of my mind.

I’m trying to be more financially responsible in 2018, and already have my shares portfolio on screen and would love to have a page on my android that is just all my finances in widgets.

(Simon B) #15

I agree that it would be great, but as far as I know it’s not on the roadmap. Should be possible with our API if any clever developers want to give it a go :slightly_smiling_face: