Android version compatibility


The app wont install to my phone; reports "Your device isn’t compatible with this version"
I’m assuming it’s because it’s 4.4.2, right?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I’m afraid so -


OK, ta
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Are you planning to add older Android version? I’m really kind on ordering a Monzo but me Android is 4.4.2.

Thanks for the help!


They recently dropped support for older OS (affecting phones like the iPhone 4S) so if you want to use Monzo you will need to keep updating your phone for a newer model

(Gareth) #6

Android might be slightly different to iOS

An update on iOS9 support

Android 4.4 may be 12% of devices…

But Lollipop (v5) notably includes Material Design, lock screen notifications, newer graphics and advanced camera controls for apps - which are things the app probably needs.

v5 will hopefully be the minimum for a bit longer.