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A while ago I have received a survey about my phone due to it being a host to older version of Android (5.1.1). Monzo asked me about what I would do had they stopped supporting these versions. Unfortunately I neither can afford nor have a desire to buy a new, expensive phone. My current Xperia Z1 is in perfect state and buying a new phone and adding to a pile of unnecessary electrical waste is not my priority.

I noticed Monzo will build a basic web interface, which is really awesome but I was wondering if that means they do plan to stop supporting those older versions of Androids in the future.

I realise my Android version is not even officially supported anymore, therefore I also understand the willingness of Monzo to stop supporting it. Anyway I would like to have some clarity since the web interface is supposed to come within 3 months, does it mean there is a concrete plan about dropping support for certain Android versions, and if so, which versions?


Hi Dawid! Thanks for posting.

I first want to stress that no concrete decisions have been made at this point about ending support for any particular OS version. If and when that decision gets made, it will be communicated clearly, transparently, with a full explanation of why that decision has been made, by the relevant team. There will also be an appropriate notice period given - most likely several months ahead of time.

Practically speaking, it isn’t possible for us to continue supporting older OS versions indefinitely, so this is something that will have to happen every now and then. You are correct that the web interface is intended to provide people with basic account access at all times. This is something that will be helpful not just in situations where OS support might end, but also if people lose their phones or have them stolen, or if they break and are sent away for repair.

Given that the web interface will be useful in different scenarios, it’s not necessarily the case that the launch of the web interface will coincide with ending support for older OS versions. When we get to a point where we need to make those kind of decisions, we’ll certainly be letting everyone know :grinning:



I had a look on the internet and found that your phone could support LineageOS. Have you heard of this project before? Its an open source alliance making it possible to keep older phones updated with newer Android software.

I found the Xperia Z1 has an Android 7 build available through Lineage, so if you feel up to it, ypu could research the project and see if you’d feel confident to take the leap.


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Lineage, I have never heard of it but will take a look. I was thinking about using a custom-built OS versions for my Xperia Z1 but using what you’re describing might be a better solution than ROMs

Iirc Lineage is what used to be called CyanogenMod which which was basically the most popular community driven android OS distribution

Make sure you consider the security implications of using an unsupported and out of date OS.

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I assume to load the new OS the bootloader would have to be unlocked and the phone will have to be rooted?

Will Monzo run on a rooted phone?

Yes it will - we don’t block rooted devices.


For sure check out LineageOS if it supports your phone model. It’s a great way to breath some fresh life into older but perfectly functional hardware. Might get you an extra few years of support out of it.


I had a look and it does list Xperia Z, just not sure if Z is considered to contain Z1 as well?

The main site for ROMs for phones is xda-developers. They have a forum dedicated to your phone (as they do with most phones). If you have been looking for ROMs you’ve probably already been there, it’s pretty much the go to place.

I did just ask in the LineageOS IRC channel if the Z1 is supported, and they say not officially, and suggested “When looking for ROMs look up ‘honami’ as that’s the codename for your phone”. So honami is the key word you are looking for. You’re phone is officially supported by Monzo for now, so you might want to stick with what you have, but it looks like there is options out there for you if you want to stick with your hardware.

Just remember that downloading an OS cooked by a random guy/gal on a forum might not be the best idea. There’s no guarantee the OS doesn’t have a built-in backdoor or some other malware.


Just for reference:

That’s true of any software. I would only get ones from XDA Developers which have a good bit of chat about them.

Or that random internet person knows what the hell they’re doing when they tweak build parameters - so stability could be iffy

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