[Android] The running sum in the app is incorrect when there are non-sterling transactions


The app shows incorrect running sum on the days that had a non-sterling currency transaction. More specifically:

  • The amount that is shown at the top of the app is incorrect
  • The running sum is corrected on the next day
  • The result is that the maths don’t work out

For me, this happens on all days that had a non-sterling transaction.

Example: May 6th: 1083.13, Spent: 19.09, May 7th: 1063.90
I.e. the app shows 1063.90 on the next day instead of 1083.13 - 19.09 = 1064.04

The sum deviates even more when there are larger transactions. This happens consistently. The actually account totals are correct and it’s just the amount shown at the top of the app that is wrong.

I suspect that the running sum is calculated and cached before the non-sterling transaction is finalized.

Incorrect balance in app
Incorrect balance in app
(Kevyn) #2

Are you sure that isn’t just the Mastercard rate settling?

A non-sterling balance isn’t fixed at purchase rate. It estimates the rate for you and then fixes it when the transaction settles.


Well, yes. That’s what I’m saying: The running sum seems to have been calculated with the exchange rate at the time of the purchase, while since then the exchange rate has changed.

I see this for multiple days, all of which are quite old (this one is 6 days old) and none of these says that the exchange rate is an estimate, which I believe means that the transaction has settled.

Regardless of all of that, the displayed information is wrong:

  • In the app, you see amount X for day D1
  • During that day you have performed a transaction of value Y in £, as shown in the app
  • In the app, you see amount Z for day D2 = D1+1
  • There are no other transactions
  • Z != X - Y

The fact the app shows two daily running sums that don’t differ by the amount of the transaction in between is a bug, no matter what exchange rate is used, because it means that the displayed amount of the transaction and the amount that’s used to calculated the running sums are not the same.

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There are other, non foreign currency related issues with the spending totals too.

I thought it seemed to be confused by us being in daylight savings time, so transactions within an hour of midnight contribute to the wrong day’s total. However, in the attached screenshots you can see that the daily total is off by about £15, but that card transaction happened at 01:35.

There’s definitely something amiss with the daily spend amount. Sometimes it’s drastically off, especially on days with lots of transactions.


Definitely an issue in app, unfortunately chat support insists this is perfectly normal, not a bug.
Reported here, search didn’t find this thread: Incorrect balance in app


Daily balance displayed in app is incorrect. I.e. opening balance on 01/05 was £245.85, I spent £34.45 so the closing balance (or next day’s opening balance) should be £211.40. However the app displays £211.09 instead. I downloaded the relevant statement and the opening balance is different on the same day (£245.59) and the closing balance is also different but at least is calculated correct (£211.14 = 245.59 - 34.45).
Should be mentioned that the spend includes a transaction in a foreign currency and the £0.31 difference is because of the FX rate difference between the time when transaction was initiated and the amount was actually charged. This was confirmed by in-app support, no problems in this area.
The reason I’m taking this public is that support insists that this is not a bug, according to them it is perfectly normal to display a balance what doesn’t match the transactions. The above is only one of the many examples, some of which have much bigger differences - i.e. difference can be £5 - £10 if I had 10-20 foreign transactions a day. It is clear how the card payments are cleared and also that the charged amount can be and usually is different by the time transaction clears so no questions there. My guess is that balance is calculated at time of transaction then stored and is not updated when amount is updated for any reason. This is even more of a problem because doesn’t match the downloaded transaction history, so one can have two different balances for the same period depending on what source they use.
This bug should be fixed as it is not only confusing but wrong too, I hope it gets past customer support and someone relevant picks it up.

(James Murray-Ferris) #7

Well this isn’t a bug this is obvious as the exchange rate can change between presentation and actual taking of funds.


Can you please explain how it is not a bug that balance is incorrect?
Opening balance: £245.85
Transactions: -£34.45
Closing balance: £211.09 - however 245.85 - 34.45 = 211.40 so the app is showing £0.31 less.

This would be a bug even in an app for 1 year olds, I don’t understand how anyone finds it alright in a real banking environment handling real money.

The balance calculation on downloaded statements is correct so it’s somewhat reassuring that someone somewhere can calculate balances. I suspect the same cause like V13 that in app balance is cached and is not updated when transactions are updated retrospectively.

As a side effect balance on downloaded statement and balance in app are not matching. Don’t tell me this is fine too. I check in app - I have £X, I download statements and magically I have £Y. Can I then chose the one I like more and Monzo will pay the difference maybe :smile: