✅ [Android] "Terms" button on send money by link does not work


The “Terms” button on the send money by link page is untappable.

Details to reproduce:

Try pressing the “Terms” button on the send money by link page. Nothing will happen.


Android 10

OnePlus 6

App Version:



I can confirm that tapping ‘TERMS’ does nothing.
And it gets worse, tapping on the back-arrow at the top left does nothing either.

Looks like that top strip has lost touch with the app :rofl:

EDIT: The issue is only when the screen above is displayed. If you continue to the next screen, the same header is shown (’<-’ and ‘TERMS’) and they both work on that screen. So quite a specific bug this one :bug::hammer:

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Thanks for the report! I’ve reproduced and the fix should roll out in 3.41.0.


I’m sure you’ve checked, but this issue isn’t present on iOS.

iPhone XS, latest public builds of iOS & Monzo.

yep it was something Android specific :+1:

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