Can not get past a transfer payment

Why cant I pay someone

And what happens if you press the CONTINUE PAYMENT button?


This is an additional step to confirm you are paying who you think you are paying and are not being scammed.

What do you mean, nothing? It stays on that screen?

Oh, make sure you scroll down to read the whole page first?

Looks like the text is hidden behind the button - can you scroll the screen to see it all? There could be a detection on whether you have reached the bottom of the warning…

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As above :point_up:

You need to read warning first, then the button will become clickable.

Please tell me that’s not a Monzo screengrab.

What the fuck is going on in the UI department, that’s a complete mess. :see_no_evil:

Is this just because of their theme on their phone making it look like Windows 98?

Correct. It’s Android.

It’s because that phone has a really low resolution screen. Much like on iOS the app needs to scale for different screen resolutions and sizes, difference is on iOS there are only a set number of sizes you need to design for whilst Android is the wild west.

On a 3040x1440 display it looks like this:


Hi - did this fix it for you?

Exactly this.

In the screenshot that the user posted the line above the buttons says “Read the above to continue”.

It also looks like on larger phones you don’t need this line as it’s all viewable without needing to scroll.

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On larger phones it switches to a “I have read the above” button.

They want to confirm as much as they can that the user has read the warning.

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I like that the OP got what they wanted and then scarpered without a thank you or even acknowledging the assistance. :man_shrugging:

They don’t know how to scroll to read further.


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