Transferring Money (inc MonzoMe) Feedback


A story from today.

  • Colleague: Someone’s leaving. Would you like to sign their card? Contribute to a leaving gift?
  • Me: They’re amazing - yes! signs card looks furtively in wallet and pads down pockets
  • Me: I don’t have any cash…
  • Colleague: Can you Monzo me it?
  • Me: Great! Of course.
  • Colleague: Grabs phone, opens app Are you registered using a different number?
  • Me: Yes… Slight awkward silence while we tacitly agree that we won’t share personal numbers
  • Me: Let’s use MonzoMe Opens app, looks for a place to enter colleague’s MonzoMe name
  • Me: Hmm, can’t find how to do that. What’s your sort code and account number?
  • Colleague: I haven’t upgraded yet
  • Me: Okay, let’s work out this MonzoMe thing. goes to Monzo.Me Got it! What’s your username?
  • Colleague: First name + last name colleague spells last name three times - it’s tricky
  • Me: User not found…
  • Colleague: Oh, it’s got my middle name in it…
  • Me: Retries - Yay it’s working
  • Me: Enters amount - Hits send - Auths using Android Pay - Webpage hangs - No money out of comes out of Monzo account - kills webpage - rinse and repeat - same issue
  • Me: looks again in wallet Oh, I do appear to have a fiver…

What’s the learning?

  1. I expected MonzoMe to be available in the app to easily send money using someone’s name. Only after researching did I learn it’s not meant for this. But it would really have helped - send money (or set up standing orders) by a name would save time and effort.

  2. I wonder if there’s a work around for the ‘don’t want to share phone number’ thing. Could you associate multiple numbers with one account for in-app transfer purposes?

Shared in the spirit of ‘this is what we were trying to do, but it all seemed much harder than it should have done’…

Nearby Friends
(Simon B) #2

Sorry that was so frustrating!

This is really only a situation that will exist for another couple of months until we shut down prepaid - otherwise you’d just get the account number, you obviously would already know the sort code, and make a regular bank transfer.


No apologies needed - luckily a magic £5 note appeared!

I would suggest letting you pay using names from the app, though - that would be significant!

(Toby Toller) #4

Some people have the same name


By name, I mean the Monzo.Me username…

My overall point being not to complain, but to give a real life example of what some of us are trying to achieve (even if we’ve misunderstood in the process!)

(Toby Toller) #6

Oops, that makes sense :face_with_head_bandage:

(Tony Hoyle) #7

The whole not being able to pay someone unless they give you their phone number thing caused much the same conversation for me too… Obviously you can bank transfer these days (although that’ll mean reading out bank details in a busy pub… not so secure) but it’d be nice if you could just type in a name & possibly associate it with an existing contact (many of whom I only have email addresses for).


although that’ll mean reading out bank details in a busy pub… not so secure

There is very little that can be done with bank details - the direct debit guarantee means you can get any fraudulent DD refunded instantly. :+1:

(Jack Donovan) #9

Is Monzo.Me going from Current Accounts as well? :frowning:

Oh and you can change your Monzo.Me name with the COps :policeman: (to a certain extent) I managed to get mine changed to jackcdonovan… Feel free to send me some money!