✅ [Android] Saving pennies is not working

Saving pennies is not working since last update.(I have updated the app on 12th of Nov.)

OS:Android 8.1.0
App Version:2.23.0

Obvious question but you’ve checked the round up feature hasn’t disabled itself on the pot?

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It won’t work when your balance is under £10.

That changed a while ago

Still says that in the help… :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve found it to be a bit delayed at times recently, but its working for me atm (also on Android). Maybe try disable and re-enable it and see if that helps at all?

Making me doubt myself now :grimacing:
I’ll see if I can find a post about it

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Ha! Either way it’d be good to know (and maybe fix the help text!) :slightly_smiling_face:


Well help text doesn’t say anything about 10P limit.Screenshot_20181115-195722_Monzo

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Also I went back to my previous transactions which my final balance was blow 10P and it did round it up.(about two weeks ago)

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Well, this is showing in my app. It’d be nice if help and behaviour was consistent!