Android "Q" Beta Leak!

(Tom ) #21

" Native MIDI API

For apps that perform their audio processing in C++, Android Q introduces a [native MIDI API through the NDK"



Will this break Google Pay like the early P(betas) did? :neutral_face:

(Ravi) #23

More than happy to eat my own words. They’re making it available for OG Pixels!!!

(Tom ) #24

Yeah so glad the put in the extra effort!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #25

It will :slight_smile:

Apps like Google Pay and some finance apps will refuse to work :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #26

Highly recommend this podcast run by a few of the android team some interesting technical deep dives and a look into how they work as a group


Ah, I’ll have to sit the first few builds then :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #28

:heart_eyes: lovely! Already flashed :grin:

(James Wheatley) #29

Google Pay currently loads for me after running the OTA update so it’s a good sign, normally refuses to load if it isn’t going to work. Will test it out tomorrow morning though.

(Jordan Taylor) #30

First and only issue I’ve encountered so far!

(James Wheatley) #31

HSBC has a new look on Android Q

(Tom ) #32

Unrelated but @nexusmaniac just read your blog post came up on my twitter feed and I just bought the same headphones a couple of weeks back and love them!

(Tom ) #33

Also just seen you have some wild donation widget how does one get that :eyes:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #34

Heya @TomCoutts :grin: I’ve posted about those headphones here, I love them :sweat_smile: but not enough to keep them for years to come :innocent:

And I’m glad you like the widget :joy: it’s certainly eye catching :wink: there’s a thread about that here :tada: (details nearer the end of the thread)

(James Wheatley) #35

Dark theme toggle has gone from Android Q, switch back to light before you upgrade:

This is now how Google Photos looks for me:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #36

That’s interesting :joy: this is how mine looks :eyes:

Edit: Wait what? It screenshots the notch now?! :rofl:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #37

Initial Thoughts on “Q” :smiley:

I think I would’ve had more fun with a Monzo beta :joy: ah well :yum: It’ll be awesome once Q gets rooted and Google start fixing some bugs :sunglasses: Encountered a few minor issues already (no biggie, I knew what I was signing up for :wink:) I like how snappy it feels, impressive for the first beta!

A couple of apps aren’t playing nice (Natwest force stops after you exit, ES File Explorer throws a fit every time it launches too :joy:) Few complaints about Google Play Services - they normally resolve themselves within a day or two though as things receive updates.

Camera, Bluetooth, Music & my other key apps function properly so I’m happy :sunglasses:

Dark mode is pretty sweet. Google Photos is, visually, borked though :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like somebody stuck high contrast mode on the app and left a bunch of white elements hahaha

Though it’s not a CTS validated build (i.e. safety net approved) I’ve not seen any app complaints :eyes: We’ll see if that story changes when I use Google Pay tomorrow lunchtime, perhaps I should treat myself to a McDonalds breakfast for “testing purposes” :yum: hehe

WiFi Calling is still present on Three :tada: Despite not being on the supported list on Three’s site :eyes: I’m not complaining! It’s a brilliant feature, it’s come in handy a bunch of times already when I’ve had awful/no signal :grin:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #38

Makes me feel like I’m back in Android KitKat :yum: You can switch the system accent colour from blue to white, green or purple :eyes:

Oh, and the circles to rounded squares, squircles or teardrops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(James Wheatley) #39

@redshift and @nexusmaniac I can confirm Google Pay works as it should. Monzo notification of the purchase didn’t appear until 15 mins later but that could have just been a hiccup.

(Ravi) #40

Anyone using this on their everyday carry?