Monzo dark mode

Android Q beta allows for apps to be forced into dark mode, this is what Monzo looks like, feed is a lil bit messed up but for the most part, it looks cool!


Considering it’s all been automated by the OS it looks pretty good!

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Thanks for sharing this! I love dark mode - can’t wait to see every app like this.

We’ll almost certainly be improving this. I’m not sure on what timescale though. :slightly_smiling_face:


This has proved to be a popular request here, with quite a few votes:

Might be worth merging for all those following the discussion, especially with the news from @Rika :slight_smile:

Oh my :heart_eyes:
I need this in my life.

The news from @Rika is good and straight into the :soon: bucket (except not really because no actual timescale!).

iOS13 adding dark mode too (ps Google is a dark ‘theme’ not a mode… but they only allow one ‘theme’ so… :man_shrugging:) I like it though!

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This and blending the status and navigation bar would be great.

I love dark mode on pretty much anything (Monzo Forum, Facebook Messenger, MacOS) so if Monzo could get on this for the overall App that would be awesome!

Now that magisk supports Q’s logical partitions on the Pixel 3XL, I’m finally back onto the beta OS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d say Monzo looks delightful with a dark theme :grin: but I’ve shown off a non-broken page :eyes: (Q’s dark mode is far from perfect… It does will about 70% of the time)

I can’t wait for Q3! Hopefully this ‘force dark mode’ feature sticks around, I’m loving most of my apps in dark mode :sunglasses:

(This isn’t a monzo dark theme, it’s just Android being cool)


I’m also on the Android 10 beta (QPP4). How do I unlock this?

It’s a little bit hacky (you need root access on your phone)

Google broke the option in beta 4 :grimacing:

There’s a Reddit thread linked in that article, I had to manually run:
su -c setprop persist.hwui.force_dark true
To get this working :ok_hand: Oh, and dark mode needs to be enabled system wide too :sunglasses:

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Thanks! I have Beta 4 now so I suppose I can’t do this… Hopefully this will get implemented in the final release?

No problem :+1:

If you’re not rooted, there’s no way to do this just yet :see_no_evil: which is a bit of a shame!

Time will tell whether Google scrap the feature or fix it for the next release :eyes:

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