Monzo dark mode

Android Q beta allows for apps to be forced into dark mode, this is what Monzo looks like, feed is a lil bit messed up but for the most part, it looks cool!



Considering it’s all been automated by the OS it looks pretty good!

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Thanks for sharing this! I love dark mode - can’t wait to see every app like this.

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We’ll almost certainly be improving this. I’m not sure on what timescale though. :slightly_smiling_face:


This has proved to be a popular request here, with quite a few votes:

Might be worth merging for all those following the discussion, especially with the news from @Rika :slight_smile:

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Oh my :heart_eyes:
I need this in my life.

The news from @Rika is good and straight into the :soon: bucket (except not really because no actual timescale!).

iOS13 adding dark mode too (ps Google is a dark ‘theme’ not a mode… but they only allow one ‘theme’ so… :man_shrugging:) I like it though!

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This and blending the status and navigation bar would be great.

I love dark mode on pretty much anything (Monzo Forum, Facebook Messenger, MacOS) so if Monzo could get on this for the overall App that would be awesome!

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Now that magisk supports Q’s logical partitions on the Pixel 3XL, I’m finally back onto the beta OS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d say Monzo looks delightful with a dark theme :grin: but I’ve shown off a non-broken page :eyes: (Q’s dark mode is far from perfect… It does will about 70% of the time)

I can’t wait for Q3! Hopefully this ‘force dark mode’ feature sticks around, I’m loving most of my apps in dark mode :sunglasses:

(This isn’t a monzo dark theme, it’s just Android being cool)


I’m also on the Android 10 beta (QPP4). How do I unlock this?

It’s a little bit hacky (you need root access on your phone)

Google broke the option in beta 4 :grimacing:

There’s a Reddit thread linked in that article, I had to manually run:
su -c setprop persist.hwui.force_dark true
To get this working :ok_hand: Oh, and dark mode needs to be enabled system wide too :sunglasses:

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Thanks! I have Beta 4 now so I suppose I can’t do this… Hopefully this will get implemented in the final release?

No problem :+1:

If you’re not rooted, there’s no way to do this just yet :see_no_evil: which is a bit of a shame!

Time will tell whether Google scrap the feature or fix it for the next release :eyes:

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Anyone else want a dark mode for later in the day?

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Would be great paired with iOS 13

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If you mean for the forum, you can already activate that.


There are multiple existing threads with this topic. Please search before posting :slight_smile:

I thought all phones adjust their screen brightness as the day darkens nowadays?

Sorry I should have searched.