✅ [Android] Partial Switch Still Available

Issue: Looks like it’s still possible to access a partial current account switch, a feature I thought to be discontinued :eyes:

Details to reproduce: Here’s the fun part :joy: head to “Your Monzo” (unfinished) and go to the bottom, hit “Start a current account switch” and you’ll be presented with 2 options, full and partial :see_no_evil:
Device: Pixel 3XL
App Version: 2.39.0


This might not be a bug, this could be the return of partial switches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I recall there being a fair few issues with partial switches, hence the removal of the feature.

You cannot access a partial switch when you attempt to CASS through the accounts / profile page :blush:

Resolved :tada:

This bug has been squashed :bug::hammer: “Start a current account switch” now takes you to a full switch :grin: no more partial switching :sunglasses:

Do I have @edwoollard or @ataulm to thank for this? :blush: