[Android] New Monzo users can get stuck in a loop trying to register

New Monzo Users get stuck in a loop when creating an account due to signposting and hiding of links

Details to reproduce:
When registering for a new Monzo account I got the email but when coming back to the site I saw I needed to take a photo of an ID and submit a video so didn’t want to do this earlier. When I came back to use the link it had expired I think as got this message in a orange popup at the bottom of the screen:

“Sorry, we couldn’t log you in. Please use the most recent email that you received at xxx.xxx@gmail.com

The problem with this is it just loops the user back to the expired ad as the “I DIDN’T RECEIVE MY EMAIL” link is hidden temporarily by this popup.

Ideally, these shouldn’t be covered so as to avoid the loop for the new users. The wording should also be looked at to clearly inform the user that the magic link has expired and can request a new one rather than saying they didn’t receive the email which again can cause confusion as they did.

Android 9
OnePlus 6T (A6013)
App Version:


Hi Rob & welcome :wave:

This is a good piece of information - there have been a lot of sign-up/sign-in issues recently and this one would contribute to such issues. Hopefully your report highlights the problem enough for a fix to be implemented :+1:

PS> Voted :smile:


Thanks I did get registered eventually, but as I did go through this loop at least once I thought it was worth reporting as could cause a bit of frustration for anyone on-boarding for the first time like myself.


Hi Rob

Welcome to the community and to Monzo

Thanks for making your first post a clear and informative one. A fix to this would be one of those small wins with potentially big positive impact


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