Single transaction mistakenly categorized as repeating in predictions

Issue: I made a one time £10 transaction to but the app gave me a notification saying it detected a recurring transaction and it will start predicting it every month.

Details to reproduce: Pay £10 to EE (or maybe any other mobile provider?) and look out for the recurring transaction notification
OS: Android
Device: Pixel 3
App Version: 4.4.0


Go to payments > scheduled, find the EE one and untick the “repeating payment” toggle.

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It’s done this to me a few times for a few companies. Strangely it also did this for Currys when I bought a new washer

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My partner has this for a pub called the telegraph. Every time she spends it marks it as the newspaper and tries to make it recurring

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Seen this a few times on Twitter, the O2 mostly. People complain that O2 have set up a direct debit without consent and tag all these silly companies.

I always comment and say use your initiative, turn off repeating payment, problem solved…. :roll_eyes: