[Android] Search: Irrelevant transactions appears for certain search term(s)

When searching for “EE” on the transactions / home screen, irrelevant transactions appear in the search results.

Details to reproduce:
On the transactions screen, tap the search icon, and enter “EE”

Expected Result
Transactions from EE appear as search results

Actual Result
Irrelevant transactions appear in addition to transactions from EE.
Among them are transactions from Tesco, the Co-op Food and pot transfers.

Android v9.0

Google Pixel 2 XL

App Version:
v2.4.0 (Beta Channel), although I have observed this in previous releases.

Unfortunately this may not have an easy fix :frowning:

In order to get the best matches, the search string is compared against the raw description and enriched address data: this is probably why you see some irrelevant merchants as they may contain a double E. This is probably only a real problem for merchants with short names :ok_hand:

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How about being able to use quotes around search terms to return specific results?

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That would be an ideal solution, unfortunately it isn’t an easy fix :grimacing: However, I will take a look and see what might be possible!