[Android] It is impossible to confirm the "Read and confirm declaration" screen while signing up for a business account ion android when the users font size is too small

When the the text in the “Read and confirm declaration” screen all fits into one page you can’t click on the accept button.

I usually have my font size and display size set to small in the android settings but to pass this screen I had to change my font size to large. The app wont let you click accept until you have scrolled.

OS: Android 10
Device: Google Pixel 3
App Version: 3.22.0

Hi there @Kolin :wave:

Thanks for raising this. This is definitely a bug and we’ve raised it to the team to get it fixed :raised_hands:

Any word on this bug? Happening for tax residence deceleration also.
I’m moving country and need to update :blush:

Also encountered this bug today

Workaround on android:
Go into split-screen mode by holding the ‘Overview’ buttons (the one on the right at the bottom)
This makes the screen small enough that you can scroll down to accept

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Still an active design fault