[Android] Issue changing profile picture

I just tried to change my profile picture on the Android app, and saw it fail twice. Out of curiosity, I tried turning off fingerprint auth to open the app, and tried again. It worked.

Possibly a bug due to switching out of the app and having to re-authenticate when choosing a photo?

I imagine it’s not a hugely common user journey, so can anyone else replicate this?

Hope it’s fixable! :tada:

  • I tried uploading an existing photo
  • I used CM QuickPic as my file picker
  • OnePlus 5 / Android 8.1.0
  • Monzo 2.4.1

Just tried this and also get the issue.

Google Pixel, Android 9

Edit: also happens when adding a contact

The NatWest app has an option to lock “Shortly after leaving the app” instead of locking straight away, having this as an option might solve the above issue and simply be less annoying in general.

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