✅ [Android] App crashes when setting profile picture

Issue: App crashes and returns you to the fingerprint screen when I attempted to add a profile picture, this happens either choosing the ‘Take a photo’ or ‘Choose from library’ option.

Details to reproduce: Open app -> Account -> Click camera icon next to name -> select Take a photo/Choose from library -> Take a photo/Select a photo -> app crashes
OS: Android 9.0
Device: Pixel 2XL
App Version: 2.17.0



Must be an awful photo! :rofl:

Sorry! :slight_smile:

Just tried to change my picture to test this and It crashed for me too…

OnePlus 6
Android 9

Haha that was my first thought too :wink:


To be more constructive, I can’t replicate this on mine

Android 9

I already have a photo set so perhaps that could be a difference?

Could you try to change the photo and choose from phone gallery? Mine crashed when I tried to do this.

I’ve done further tests and it does work but it is a little clunky.

This is what happens:

Choose from Gallery/files or whatever (they all have the same result from testing)
Click on a picture
Asks for finger print
Then allows me to crop
Click ‘crop’
Asks for finger print
Then I see it has updated.

My app crashes on the crop screen unfortunately