[Android/iOS] "Share with us" - Search Bug 🐛

Issue: The “Share with us” screen / menu / option, doesn’t appear when you type it out in full, only when you partially type it.

Details to reproduce: Type “Share with us” into the search bar on the Help tab.
OS: Android 9.0
Device: Pixel 3XL
App Version: 2.31.0 (Beta)

Screenshot_20190118-083316 Screenshot_20190118-083309

If you don’t type the “us” it shows up but that’s not what the blog post says to do :eyes: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/09/25/share-with-us/

I don’t have anything to share :smiley: Just having a nosy at the feature because I saw that some stats, regarding its use, were shared in the Making Monzo January email :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not a major one, just something I noticed. I’m confident that anybody using it will likely type “Share with” … See the option appear and then tap it :slight_smile:


Good spot - feel that should hopefully be an easy fix for Monzo


It’s the same on iOS. I mentioned it somewhere when the feature first came out and think it was acknowledged but still not fixed on iOS either.

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