- small UX issue

(Justin) #1

Hi, I was showing to another user yesterday, and we came across a UX issue that I think could easily be resolved. Here are the steps we carried out - and what wasn’t quite right:

  1. I opened the app and navigated to the Contacts tab. Because the other user isn’t in my phone’s contacts, he wasn’t displayed as one of the contacts. I therefore tapped through to Request, and shared my link by iMessage

  2. He received the text message, and tapped on the link. Since he had the Monzo app installed, the app was invoked. However, since I’m not one of the contacts in his phone, it simply dropped him into the Contacts tab, from which he had nowhere to go. Essentially the tail (or ID) of my had been lost when the app was invoked, and there seemed to be no way for him to proceed without creating a new contact and manually adding me details. Ideally he should have been able to land on the Contacts tab with my details pre-populated, and pay me as a one-off (with he option to save my details)

Incidentally, I tried a couple of weeks ago sharing my link with someone by AirDrop, and the process failed. I didn’t report it at the time, and wasn’t sure if it was an intermittent bug related to AirDrop itself, or an issue with the Monzo app

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Thanks a lot for reporting this and thanks for the great detail of your explanation, it really help us to find and polish the rough edges :thumbsup:

(Justin) #3

Thank you, @hugo . My pleasure! :smile: