✅ [Android/iOS] Errors on welcome to country screens

Hi there,

I’ve just landed in Iceland, and Monzo has come up with a helpful info card. Trouble is the exchange rate is confusing and wrong. Also there’s an extra percentage sign on the 3% at ATMs…

See attached.

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Hi @tlloyd87 I’ve moved this over to the bug forum to make sure it gets to the right people in Monzo!

Huh, it looks like it’s giving you the rate for £100.


Same for me now in Japan. Too many %s and the exchange rate is for £1000 not £10.
Although I would rather this exchange rate



Hello, just noticed there is a typo on the welcome to a new country screen. There are two % symbols in the overseas ATM message.


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Hi @Mortalife I’ve moved your post to this thread as there’s others reporting the same issue so helps Monzo narrow it down.

Cheers! We are aware and it is ticketed and in the backlog to be looked at :+1:

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Double percentage sign appears when viewing exchange rate.

Details to reproduce: Visit country exchange rate page from transactions page
OS: Android 8.1.0 API 27
Device: Pixel 2 (walleye)
App Version: 2.8.0


Hi @kittsville thanks for reporting this, it’s been flagged up and Mozno are working on a fix:

Issue: Extra percent sign

Details to reproduce: Visit Slovenia
OS: Android 8
Device: Nokia 8
App Version: 2.9.0

Screenshots: Screenshot_20180813-082123

Hi @cablespaghetti moved your post over to here as the issue is already in the fix list . I believe the fix is being deployed in this weeks app update :raised_hands:t2: